Liqurious Libations

Since my day job surrounds the world of the inebriating elixer I thought it only fitting to do a post on it of course! First up - what are you listening to right now? Why not have a little liquor to match your music? Enter Drinkify. Just type in pretty much any artist and it will calculate the right concoction to match your mood! See what's been on my playlist above! (And if you haven't heard of Dead Man's Bones - you are sincerely missing out - Ryan Gosling brings his genius to one half of the dynamic duo!)

via Design Crush images via Drinkify

No, I did not accidentally put abstract art into this post about liquor - these are in fact photos of different cocktails and liquors under a microscope. Taken with a good old 35mm camera! See much more images here and at Bev Shots where you can find out about how it was founded and even buy the pictures themselves!

top to bottom White Russian | Margarita | Pina Colada

via The Telegraph