100 Posters 100 Days | Day 42


"Man is free the moment he wishes to be." Oh Voltaire, you are so smart :P We are all in control of our own destiny and happiness, yet so few of us remember this in the day to day. Everyone is always their own worst critic and once you realize that it is you, and only you that can change your attitude and outlook, only then will you be as Voltaire said "free".

I have been contemplating selling some giclee prints of my favorite posters from the series so far and finally filling my embarrassingly bare Etsy shop (not sure why I even need to link to it as of yet!). All in due time...there have been many a sleepless night due to the whirlpool of thoughts and things I want to do swirling around in my head! How ironic that I write about my self-inflicted stress on a quote like this - I guess this is a sign that I need to make these prints so I can have one for myself!