Pow Wow


I just came from a totally inspiring discussion panel - featuring the innernet's creme de la creme! Pow Wow is a gathering of contemporary artists, where the artist and the audience can engage with one another and create a rare opportunity of interactions. Tonight was a special discussion panel mostly made up of the curators of these artists, but curators that have developed their own cult following themselves. The main consensus that I gathered from the discussion that the "no guts, no glory" cliche could not be truer with these successes. Be not afraid to take risks, to go against the norm to push boundries and find your niche, and to have confidence in yourself and your work and no matter how many "no's" you get, all you need is one yes to give you that chance!

This Saturday is the opening of the official Pow Wow event at Fresh Cafe. Can't wait!

Left to right: Frank Liew (from NZ - holla!) owner/operator of Qubic, Ken Harmon - writer for Hi Fructose, Suitman - graphic design/photographer/jack-of-all-trades, Jeff Hamada - author/founder of one of my favorite blogs Booooooom, and Eugene Kan - contributor to uber hip lifestyle blog Hypebeast.