Potato chip cookies


No, this blog isn't turning into a foodie one (though I love food!) - these posts are purely for selfish reasons in that I want to practice my styling and photography skills. Haven't had a lot of time to do so lately and as they say, "when you don't use it, you lose it". So try to restrain your sniggering at my attempts - hopefully as with all things these will get better with time! 

In any case I saw this recipe on one of my fave foodie blogs (and her styling is amaze btw) Smitten Kitchen and the combination of the crunchiness and saltiness of potato chips with the base of a shortbread cookie sounded divine to me! Just a couple comments on how it turned out - as she said in her post - a little more salt is required and possibly a little more potato chips if you can imagine! I was given a whole bunch of sample Lindt 70% chocolate slabs to use up (my family co-owns a dried fruits/nuts/chocolate wholesale distributor and the company sent them too many samples - hard life, I know ;P) so I decided to add the chocolate dip to them - which I highly recommend to do if you have time! I sprinkled a little more salt on the top when it was drying just to add that needed kick!

On a styling note - attempting to style items as you're making them is a lot harder than I imagined and I don't know how these blogs do it! Maybe I'm a little rusty at my culinary and photo shoot skills but man, I give them credit! Plus it's hard to resist just scarfing down what you made right then ;) 

images taken by me