A Whale of a Time


I've been fruitlessly trying to get back into the routine - from having some Kiwi friends visit for a long weekend. It was great to take a break and spend time playing tourist in my own home! On one of our adventures we went swimming with the dolphins and tropical fish in the open ocean on a tour near the Ko'olina Resort and the Aulani Disney Resort. There are no words to describe the awesomeness of the experience. Having tropical fish within arms reach, turtles floating by your head, spotting some out of season melon-headed whales (the 1st picture) just swimming along, and a pod of dolphins with their young swimming below your feet as you float in the water is a truly incredible experience! Apologies for the lack of decent photos as all I had on me was an iPhone and a shared underwater camera so possibly more pics of my adventure coming soon!

Top to bottom Melon-headed Whales against the beautiful mountains of Ko'olina | The dock that we set out on | The Pirates of the Caribbean ship that they filmed finale of the series on! | The view from Ko'olina resort

All images taken by me