Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

I had come across the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens through researching my next mini adventure in LA. It came at a perfect time when there has been so much tension and emotions running high in the world.

The location is described as a spiritual oasis in the city, and when I visited today, I had found just that. There was this calming energy that washes over you the longer you stay there. I took one of the free tours that recalls the history of the restored mansion and development of the grounds. After your tour you are able to stay in the gardens as long as it is open publicly. You don’t have to come from any particular religious background as it is open for all to enjoy.

I thought the labyrinth was a beautiful physical manifestation of the philosophy that there are no shortcuts in life. You walk the path that is laid out, and you cannot cut across to reach the middle (your target). Walking the path allows you to truly contemplate, to build the foundation first, then when you reach your destination, you will have the right tools to allow whatever you wanted to grow into fruition.

I posted a snapchat (user: meganmatsuoka) and instagram story of my time here so check it out while you still can.

All photos taken by me on an iPhone 6.