Travel Diary: Seattle - Arrival

January 15, 2016: I had a late night arrival in Seattle, leaving little time for any exploration other than the midnight run for water and snacks. With that said, here are my first impressions and travel tips of Seattle.

After arriving at SeaTac - I went to catch the Link Light Rail at the station located within the airport. I highly recommend traveling this way if you’re on a budget, as the furthest route is still only under $4! You can buy the tickets at the vending machine located near the station.

About 40 minutes later, I made it to my destination in downtown and headed towards the Mayflower Park Hotel. I chose this hotel due to it’s central location, close proximity to the train station (10 minute walk), and it was a deal on If you haven’t used Hotwire - it’s a deal website where they try to fill up vacant rooms, seats etc. mostly on off seasons. It was my first time booking through them on this trip and I found it’s a hit or miss, I did like the hotel that I got and they do give you a hint as to what it is before you book, but after all the fees added on at checkout, I’m not sure how much of a deal it actually ends up being.

The hotel is a historic building, launched in the 1920s, it definitely had some of it’s old charm still but updated slightly to keep up with modern times. My room had a beautiful view of downtown (better pictures to come later), with the soft glowing lights of the towering buildings nearby. The walls were a little thin (could hear the party next door), but it was clean and nicely kept. When writing this, I discovered it may also be haunted - though I didn’t really experience anything of that nature when I stayed there (thankfully!).

Once I settled in and dropped off my bags, I went on the hunt for some late night snacks, the only nearby place I could find open was a couple miles away. Since walking was my only mode of transport I headed off, but I don’t really recommend this if you’re traveling alone and staying in downtown. As with many downtown areas it can get a little sketchy at night and found myself briskly walking past more than a few places. I headed back to my hotel and turned in for the night.

All photos taken by my on my iPhone 6.