Thankful Thursday: Free Weekly Phone Wallpaper

2016.11.24. Breathe_FreePhoneWallpaper.jpg

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've decided to show how thankful I am for everyone who takes their time to check out my work, by giving you a FREE* weekly wallpaper for your phone. I'll be making these for as long as I'm still interested in creating them. Each one will have a simple reminder when you glance at your phone that will hopefully inspire, motivate or like this weeks one, a moment of zen in a world full of chaos. You can either screenshot my Snapchat or Instagram Story if you see this within 24 hours or download a high res version on that button above! Wallpaper is currently specified for the latest iPhones, but if there's a big enough demand I may make those for Android as well.

Hope every one has a safe, happy Thanksgiving and surrounded by those you love!

*Wallpaper is free for personal use. Please credit me when sharing. Not available to distribute for commercial purposes without prior permission.