{THE AND} | The Skin Deep

Another video post, but another gem I couldn't wait to share. Like yesterday, I was browsing and just happened to click on these set of videos - where people in a relationship, whether family or romantic, or even strangers confront each other with questions that are more than skin deep. The rawness and reality is heart wrenching and inspiring. I've never come across something that allows such an intimacy for us as a viewer, getting a voyeuristic look into what makes people tick. 

I sometimes roll my eyes at this sort of set up as it's now commonplace of having a couple ask each other questions about each other, but the ability for some of the candidates to be brutally honest without taking it personally is something I aspire to.

This particular one above is between a daughter and her formerly incarcerated father. It is incredibly touching and you can see how much they've both grown from the situation, without even knowing any backstory to begin with through their strength and maturity. 

via The Skin Deep