Travel Diary: Seattle Day 3 - Biscuit Bitch & Pike Place Market

January 17, 2016: Day 3 of my Seattle adventures started off at Biscuit Bitch for a calorie laden breakfast to keep me warm during the rainy chill. I got there early, but because it was the weekend and the restaurant being a sardine sized tight quarters as it is, the place was packed with barely enough room to even stand in line. However, I was determined to get my biscuit, bitch (sorry, couldn’t resist) and decided to take my chances.

Upon reading the handwritten chalk menu, I failed to notice what I was ordering had a description on two lines so it was a little more than I intended but an interesting choice nonetheless, enter the Hot Mess Bitch. Then the universe conspired as I finished ordering, as someone decided to leave and I opted to share a table with another solo diner.

Out came the biscuit and gravy, eggs and garlic grits smothered in cheese, grilled Louisiana hot link and jalapeños, which I washed down with a little hot mocha. Verdict - the biscuit underneath was nice and soft, possibly a tad too salty but overall it was pretty good and an incredibly filling meal, I couldn’t even finish half of it.

After finishing up breakfast, I waddled my way down to Pike Place Market - yes, a bit of a tourist trap but it was nearby so I figured, why not?

On the way I spotted the other tourist trap, the “first ever Starbucks”, a small location with the line wrapped around the block. Though, I overheard that it’s technically not the first as they closed that location down in the 70s and moved it over to Pike Place.

The top level of the Pike Place was a mix of food and craft vendors, beckoning you with their wares. Most were Seattle inspired souvenirs and jewelry. One of the food vendors had every pasta flavor you could think of. I’m a sucker for neon signs and appreciated that all the directional instructions were made from that.

Below decks was a little more funky and interesting, if not still a little touristy but included a magic shop with two fortune teller machines outside. I couldn’t resist testing out the Swami - I’ve always wanted to try one of those ever since seeing it in Big. Unfortunately, it didn’t grant my wish to be big but I got a cool little fortune instead.

There was also an interesting book store with an eclectic collection of books, where the owner(?) greeted everyone with this booming voice and regaled everyone with humorous tales.

As I made it through the market, I stumbled on this outside deck where it had a great view of the waterfront and ferris wheel. It also seemed to be a mini herb garden for the restaurant nearby.

It was getting close to the appointment for my next stop, so I made my way down towards the waterfront to do a little exploration. To be continued.

All photos taken by me via Canon 70D.