Five Holiday Gifts Under $50: Artsy Fartsy Edition

Here is another round-up of holiday gift ideas under US$50.00 - this time it’s for the artsy people in your lives. Whether they are creators themselves or appreciate a great artist, I think it would please them greatly to receive something on this list and all without breaking the bank.

First up, something I think that your artsy compadre would like are these graphic printed, art socks. It would be a great way to express their favorite artist while adding a little uniqueness to their wardrobe.

When I traveled to Japan earlier this year, I discovered colored brush pens that seem to be all the rage this year. How perfect - the ability to simulate painting without all the mess, while being portable so you can “paint” on the go. These particular ones have a watercolor effect to them.

Now that they have a set of pens, they need something to draw on, enter this mini pocket sized sketchbook. Great for any artist to keep with them at all times and whip out when inspiration hits. What’s even better is it’s under $10.00!!!

I first spotted this next idea in a museum gift shop and it tickled my pun loving heart, the Dali Llama Mug. It actually made me chuckle aloud and I appreciated it even more that it linked to one of my favorite artists and animals.

To take your creative connoisseur to the next level, get them a drawing tablet - it’s a game changer for any artist. Ever since getting one, creating digital art has become so much easier as it mimics the freedom of drawing with a pen. This one is a rare find for being comparable to the makers of the professional tablets and it’s under $50!

Bonus: A shameless plug, but a chance to get something that’s not mass produced at a big box store is shopping one of the many home decor and household items with Society6. You can find anything from wall art to shower curtains and you’ll be supporting a great community of artists.

Here is one of my most popular items available in my shop and something that every artist needs to hear every so often, when you’re putting your vulnerability out for the world to see.

Creativity Takes Courage Print by Megan Matsuoka - $15.00

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