Travel Diary: Seattle Day 4 - Walk of Art in Belltown

January 18, 2016: Day 4 of my Seattle adventure was going to be a culture-packed one, with the plan to visit 3 major attractions - the Space Needle, the Chihuly, and the EMP Museum. Since they were close to my hotel, I decided to walk over even though it was a blistering cold early morning, but it was worth it to stumble on little gems that I would never have seen through a bus or car.

My first discovery of the day was this giant, red, twin popsicle sculpture perfectly perched in front of a tall, commercial building. Later on I found out it was created by artist, Catherine Mayer who according to her website, “has been working to make multi-sensory art that inspires positive reactions in the form of murals, animations and sculptures.” To me, the sculpture totally hit on my love of whimsy, surrealism, and slight absurdity.


Further along on my walk, I saw an open garage door and inside was an empty space with no one around, but there were two interesting murals painted on the walls. I went to quickly snap these paintings but was halted suddenly when the garage door started closing down on me. Then, as it was closing a man across the street starting yelling at me saying “Hey!”, I started to quickly walk away since I thought I may have accidentally stumbled into something private. He started to chase me down, and my panic mode starts to set in, but it turns out he was actually inviting me in to see it better! He let me come into the space and take a better shot of the murals, and told me that Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band!) had actually painted these himself and it was his studio!


I knew my proximity to the Space Needle was drawing near when I saw it reflected in this mirrored building. The cool “shattered” effect the windows created definitely made me stop and have to take a picture.

One of the things I find fascinating is messages from unknown people and imagining a story about what compelled the person to write such things. Found Magazine and Post Secret books were in my personal library growing up and maybe it’s the voyeuristic insight into a person’s mindset that I find interesting, which is probably why I wanted to be a psychologist if I wasn’t a designer. So imagine my delight when I found these tiny little messages between two unknown people, inscribed on a random door frame, having a conversation about God.