Hello world, I’m cringing at the fact that I’ve been M.I.A. from my blog since June. The backlog of posts I want to do and the longer I stall to post it makes it seems irrelevant now since some are over 2 years old. I think I just need to stop with the “creative mindset” struggle of overthinking every little thing and just do it. I see that many of my popular posts are the Travel Diary series (which I actually enjoy making and sharing) but feel like maybe I post too much of for a “design-ish” blog… see the overthinking process?

I think I also have not been feeling inspired as of late as well, the day job has been busier than ever which I’m grateful for and I do enjoy but sometimes that doesn’t leave a lot for anything else. Now that it’s heading toward the holiday seasons, it’s slowing down so my creative juices are starting to flow again which is why I feel like I just need to post this to reset myself and add the “peer pressure” of putting it out there so I will just commit to doing what I want to do.

Also putting this out there because I feel like a lot of creatives struggle with this mentality of perfectionism where our “art” is a very personal part of ourselves so of course we want to put the best foot forward. In turn though, I think that can often prohibit sharing something that we thought “wasn’t good enough” and could be the very thing that changes everything.

So here goes! Hoping this will help kick start producing my much needed creative outlet again.

The photo above is from a stunning sunrise I was lucky enough to witness while in Tokyo on a trip to Japan. The sun was a blood red which I could see what the inspiration was behind their national flag, it was so surreal. I thought it was perfect to represent a new beginning of sorts.