Secret Message: Morse Code Design

I had a little inspiration for a new design project that incorporated my love for typography, but using it in an unconventional form. I came up with a visual morse code design that you could express an inside joke to yourself or to someone else. Each letter is represented by the dot or dash combination to create the word. Now those who know morse code could potentially read it, but wouldn't necessarily think of it in visual form at first, hence the secrecy of it all. 

When the words are repeated, it creates an amazing visual melody, great for a pattern with a hidden message. Check out my initial offerings below, in the form of "Love" and "Savage" (in the urban dictionary sense). They are available in a singular, minimalist word version and in a repetitive pattern on all sorts of art prints, apparel and homeware items in my Society6 shop.

100 Gifts for 100 Cultural Icons

It might be cutting it a little close for gift ideas but still fun to look at none the less. Flavorwire has put together a gift guide for 100 Cultural icons. A sampling can be seen above (top-bottom) Madonna, Occupy Wall Street Protestors, and Sean Bean. Humorous, yet some thing I see creeping on my wishlist as well! See the whole guide here.

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