Secret Message: Morse Code Design

I had a little inspiration for a new design project that incorporated my love for typography, but using it in an unconventional form. I came up with a visual morse code design that you could express an inside joke to yourself or to someone else. Each letter is represented by the dot or dash combination to create the word. Now those who know morse code could potentially read it, but wouldn't necessarily think of it in visual form at first, hence the secrecy of it all. 

When the words are repeated, it creates an amazing visual melody, great for a pattern with a hidden message. Check out my initial offerings below, in the form of "Love" and "Savage" (in the urban dictionary sense). They are available in a singular, minimalist word version and in a repetitive pattern on all sorts of art prints, apparel and homeware items in my Society6 shop.

Thankful Thursday: Free Weekly Phone Wallpaper - Week 2

Here is round two of Thursday's free* weekly phone wallpaper, a little motivational inspiration to keep you going till the weekend! 

Quote: "The best way out is through." - Robert Frost

Check out the previous wallpapers here.

*Wallpaper is free for personal use. Please credit me when sharing. Not available to distribute for commercial purposes without prior permission.

Thankful Thursday: Free Weekly Phone Wallpaper

2016.11.24. Breathe_FreePhoneWallpaper.jpg

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've decided to show how thankful I am for everyone who takes their time to check out my work, by giving you a FREE* weekly wallpaper for your phone. I'll be making these for as long as I'm still interested in creating them. Each one will have a simple reminder when you glance at your phone that will hopefully inspire, motivate or like this weeks one, a moment of zen in a world full of chaos. You can either screenshot my Snapchat or Instagram Story if you see this within 24 hours or download a high res version on that button above! Wallpaper is currently specified for the latest iPhones, but if there's a big enough demand I may make those for Android as well.

Hope every one has a safe, happy Thanksgiving and surrounded by those you love!

*Wallpaper is free for personal use. Please credit me when sharing. Not available to distribute for commercial purposes without prior permission.


Happy Thanksgiving! Get your Christmas shopping done early, because I'm having a 25% off my entire Etsy store "thankful for all of you" SALE from now November 28 to December 2 (Midnight PDT). Just use the coupon code: THANKFUL25 at check out.

Also just to note - my shop will be going on vacation from December 3rd - so get in quick!

Who Knew?

File under - Who Knew? When you're a design geek, it's always interesting to find actors from your favorite TV shows/movies are talents in the design-y world as well!

The first two images comes from my newest (even though it's been out for a few seasons already and has a huge cult following) T.V. addiction's star, Patrick J. Adams of Suits. I fell down the Google rabbit hole of nerdy research and found he is quite the photographer and shares some of his goodies through his tumblr and instagram.

The last two images comes from our favorite mathlete, Kevin G a.k.a. Rajiv Surendra from Mean Girls fame - who, apparently has retired from acting and become a prolific calligrapher.

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