Visual Music

My taste in music runs the gamut depending on my mood - from old school gangster hip hop, to metal, to ethereal ambient sounds and pretty much everything in between. Lately, my play button has been worn out by music of the electronic persuasion. 

One insomnia fueled night, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of suggested videos, and it ended in discovering arresting (new to me) electronic/indie artists both musically and visually. 

First up is Lorn, an American electronic musician who initially signed with the label that represented Flying Lotus. Talk about being in good company! I like the juxtaposition of aggressive dance moves coupled with the quite haunting track, which I guess goes well with the theme of the car accident. This video also had a bit of critical acclaim to it, winning the UK MVA award for Best Dance Video.

On the suggested list on the side of the previous video, I happened upon this band, Concorde. They are a "indie post punk pop" band hailing from Paris. The visuals actually lured me in first and I was so distracted by the great storytelling like many in the comments stated below, that I didn't really hear the music the first time around. 

From a great monochrome animation to another great monochrome animation, this time, it's from Rone, a French electronic artist. Here's where the music syncs perfectly with its visuals, to me I interpret it as the basis from where all religions sprang to the Big Bang and beyond. What do you think it means?

Morgan M. Morganson's Date with Destiny

So many video posts lately but I couldn't help but post about this amazing short film. I forgot how I stumbled upon this a while back - Morgan M. Morganson's Date with Destiny stars Joseph Gorden-Levitt and it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. Part animation, part live action, I love everything about this - from the visuals, to the story, the acting, and the incredibly sharp dialogue filled with superfluous descriptors at every turn. 

See the equally awesome sequal here.

Interactive CD Packaging

With digital downloads becoming the go to for music access these days - CD sales are practically obselete. That's why this innovative, interactive CD packaging might be the new wave in boosting sales once again.

Designed by Rethink for the band Jive Talk, and their album 123 Jump! - the CD packaging utilizes AR and QR codes to be read by smart phones and web cameras to see animated music videos playing off of the packaging itself and see the band singing to you live complete with illustrated mouths. Genius!

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