Travel Diary: Seattle Day 2 - Bruce Lee's Gravesite

January 16, 2016: My second, though first official full day in Seattle started off in a stereotypical, rain soaked, gloomy gray fashion. It didn’t deter me, in fact I kind of missed the rain and different seasons having lived in Hawaii for a while, plus I was pumped to explore this new-to-me city.

Breakfast began at Smith, after my initial choice had a line out the door. It was a killer to get there from where I was since it didn’t look that far on the map but I didn’t factor in having to go UP hill after hill! I finally arrived, a little disheveled but with a worked up appetite. They had an interesting decor aesthetic with antique paintings and taxidermy animals scattered about.

I ordered their Brioche French Toast with homemade apple sauce and chantilly cream, and since I like my starch with starch, a side of crispy potatoes. The food was decent, and the service was nice.

A pit stop in their bathroom lead me to discover on the toile wallpaper, humorous little graffiti-isms that customers left behind as they were doing their business.

While I was waiting for the bus to take me to Lake View Cemetery where Bruce Lee’s gravesite is, a beautiful rainbow appeared giving me a sign of good things to come.

I arrived at the cemetery, and the rain had started to pick up to a drizzle again. Tucked away towards the top was the quiet, unassuming final resting place for Bruce and his son, Brandon. Bruce has been one of my heroes, not only for his martial arts and pioneering days of bringing Asian Americans to western cinema, but his philosophies on life. My dad recently pointed me to his daughter Shannon’s podcast discussing her father’s views and also the struggles of retaining his brand after his passing.

While I was there, I overheard another tour group’s guide talking about how someone tried to chip off the picture of Bruce on his gravestone and steal it. Also, this place was chosen because it was near where he went to high school at Garfield High School where he met his wife Linda.

After I paid my respects, I made my way out and got caught in a heavy downpour. I was planning to tour the nearby Lake Union area but since it was raining heavily and I would be walking most of the way I decided against it and took a detour that provided a little more shelter.

Note: I’ve decided to split up my Travel Diary series by locations visited within that day, to make the post a bit more digestible.

Photos taken by me via Canon 70D and iPhone 6.



Just thought I'd share a little family history with y'all today! The fifth man from the left - in the glasses and white shirt is none other than Mr. Bruce Lee himself! The martial arts fan girl in me is dyyying (as FUN FACT: I was a black belt in Taekwon-do back in the day). The man and the woman on the front far right is my grandfather and grandmother. My grandfather imported books from China to Hawaii and through that some monks whose books he imported, knew Mr. Lee and thus, a meeting was set up! Not too sure on any further details as I have to ask the fam but it only made it clearer to me to cherish those in your life and really take the time to find out where they've been and what they've achieved - I guarantee it, you will be amazed!