Happy Thanksgiving! Get your Christmas shopping done early, because I'm having a 25% off my entire Etsy store "thankful for all of you" SALE from now November 28 to December 2 (Midnight PDT). Just use the coupon code: THANKFUL25 at check out.

Also just to note - my shop will be going on vacation from December 3rd - so get in quick!

Christ-mass 2012


Hope y'all have had a wonderful holiday! I had a nice Christmas celebrating with relatives who - ever since I can remember have always been the Martha Stewarts of the family. See examples above from this years celebration! All the gifts beautifully handwrapped and bows handmade by them with a table set fit for a queen. The creative genes definitely run in the family!

Hamburger Wrap

Finally this blog will be a little more than just my poster project posts! Got to catch up on a few blogs and thought I'd start with a little Xmas themed post. This has already been starting to make the blog rounds but when I first saw it I fell in love with such a creative and different concept to wrapping paper. Though it's one of those "why didn't I think of that?" sort of things! Sarah Fay & Justin Colt are the people behind a new start up, Gift Couture selling their wrapping paper. Right now it's a Kickstarter project so head on over and back it up so it can get made!

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Holidays are a comin!


Just wanted to share my little Christmas card I just whipped up today. Trying to be better organized this year! Excuse the messy glittering (a wee bit embarrased to put these on here but I'm too tired to take new photos) - having these photos blow the card up 20,000% you can see ALL the dirty details that my glasses wearing eyes could not! But I do say I didn't do too shabby for 7 hand glittered cards designed and assembled by me done within a full day's work - booyah! These will be put in the hands of my relatives - hence the "made with love" on the back, I'll wait while you gag yourself with a spoon ;P It was really fun and theraputic to create something with my hands again - even though I forgot how much glitter will get E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!