GPOY of my life

I thought I was the only one who suffered from this crippling "disease" - CBF or Chronic Bitch Face! Thanks to the internet, I have found that I am not alone and judging from the comments on Krisatomic's blog post about this very thing - they thought the same as well! Ever since I can remember - total strangers have come up to me saying, "Smile!" - I could've been happy as a clam before they buttinksied themselves and decided to inform me that something is wrong with me. Its. My. Face. Deal with it. Etc. And I'm sure other CBF sufferers will agree with me that those thinking that informing us of such a thing will help "cheer" us up, it in fact does the opposite - so kindly keep it to yourself next time you feel the urge to say something. (Side note: I didn't realize I'd have this much to write/rant about CBF and how it's affected myself and others!)

image via the ever so talentedKrisatomic