Weekly Update: LA - Craft and Folk Art Museum

Been busy, busy - it’s the 2nd week in on my weekly update and already late and didn’t document much of it. Oops!

October 15: I did manage to go to the Craft and Folk Art Museum on Sunday and it was a pay what you can day as opposed to the normal $7 admission. I guess the whole museum consists of one main exhibition that changes every so often, this time it was art regarding The U.S.-Mexico Border: Place, Imagination, and Possibility.

The museum had some interesting and thought-provoking pieces, one of my favorites being Cartonlandia by Ana Serrano which was a sculptural collage created from recycled materials including postcards and cereal boxes to illustrate the slums scattered around Latin America.

This is a very small museum with only a couple floors and while I think supporting art is important, I’d probably recommend going on a Sunday where you pay what you can - as there are a few other free museums with the same amount of pieces available. But you can decide for yourself as you can see below some of my favorite pieces that I saw there.

After the museum I went for a walk around the neighborhood and captured some shapes and street art that caught my eye as I went by.

Holidays are a comin!


Just wanted to share my little Christmas card I just whipped up today. Trying to be better organized this year! Excuse the messy glittering (a wee bit embarrased to put these on here but I'm too tired to take new photos) - having these photos blow the card up 20,000% you can see ALL the dirty details that my glasses wearing eyes could not! But I do say I didn't do too shabby for 7 hand glittered cards designed and assembled by me done within a full day's work - booyah! These will be put in the hands of my relatives - hence the "made with love" on the back, I'll wait while you gag yourself with a spoon ;P It was really fun and theraputic to create something with my hands again - even though I forgot how much glitter will get E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!