Gilmore Girls Is Back!

I am a little preoccupied at the moment, a.k.a currently bingeing on the Gilmore Girls revival that's out now on Netflix. Gilmore Girls was my television equivalent to comfort food, a place I could visit whenever I was having those teenage blues, the kitschy fictional town of Stars Hollow brought out their magic to always make it better. I owned all seven seasons on DVD, watching it so religiously, that anyone in my life would be like, "you're watching that again?!", so to say I'm a little excited about this additional series is definitely an understatement. 

However, having re-watched the series as an adult, my perspective changed on the characters. Before I would look up to the witty mother/daughter team, but later found them to be quite selfish and rude to everyone around them. I guess that's what happens when you grow up?

Nonetheless, the nostalgia and love for the series didn't deter my urge to finish the series in one day. I was a little skeptical from the previews of how I would find it, it had been years since the actors and writers revived their characters and it seemed to come off a little stiff. I am currently on the third episode of four and it's blowing me away, it's matured (which I appreciate) but still keeps the tone that I've missed so much. The first episode in, waterworks already began, as it hit really close to home in dealing with the death of a close loved one and the aftermath of it. But, there were plenty of laughs to make up for it and seeing those familiar faces again had me squealing like Petal (if you saw the new series, you'll know who I'm talking about).

Did you have any shows growing up that you'd like to see a continuation of?

UPDATE: I finished all four episodes now and I laughed and cried my butt off. While there was a few moments of too many time fillers and not enough closure on a few characters (possibly due to scheduling), overall I did enjoy it for what it was and there's one scene I think Lauren Graham should get an Emmy for. Hoping for a second season!

UPDATE #2: After having time to digest the show, I see now how a lot of my watching was viewed through nostalgia tinted glasses and many of the character development reverted backwards. I think the criticism of the revival is fair with good points, but I also have encountered people who do crappy things for years, never learning or changing after all that time and though I'm not sure if that was the point of the storyline, it is in a way realistic.

Poster via People