Thankful Thursday: Free Weekly Phone Wallpaper

2016.11.24. Breathe_FreePhoneWallpaper.jpg

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've decided to show how thankful I am for everyone who takes their time to check out my work, by giving you a FREE* weekly wallpaper for your phone. I'll be making these for as long as I'm still interested in creating them. Each one will have a simple reminder when you glance at your phone that will hopefully inspire, motivate or like this weeks one, a moment of zen in a world full of chaos. You can either screenshot my Snapchat or Instagram Story if you see this within 24 hours or download a high res version on that button above! Wallpaper is currently specified for the latest iPhones, but if there's a big enough demand I may make those for Android as well.

Hope every one has a safe, happy Thanksgiving and surrounded by those you love!

*Wallpaper is free for personal use. Please credit me when sharing. Not available to distribute for commercial purposes without prior permission.

Makers: Women Who Make America

I usually try to stay away from preaching my views/opinions on someone because I believe they have to be open to receiving it in order for it to have any effect on them. 

However, I began watching this documentary by Makers about "Women Who Make America" - it is an interesting and educational watch that I think is important for both men and women to see. It is more fact based and shows both sides of those for and against women's liberation and the reasons behind them. As a woman born in the last few decades, and watching this - I realized I only knew a sliver of what made up women's history and how truly lucky and grateful I am to be born in this era. It also shows how far we still have to come as a society, as I still see similar prejudices that were happening then as well.

I'm up to Part 3 so I still have one more to go but I had to share! Also check out the Makers website for more inspirational interviews with groundbreaking women!

Now, for a shameless plug (it is my blog :P), you can find some great inspirational quote poster prints by women from Anais Nin to Marilyn Monroe in my Etsy Shop!

Documentary viaMakers

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

I'm gonna make this my anthem for 2013. (Warning: if you're faint of heart of such blasphemous linguistics - I suggest you do not listen, and if you're not then I suggest you watch this hilarity.)

Back to why I'm making this post - I know it has been said many times before but just writing down your goals gives you something tangible to look at everyday. Not to jinx myself but already a couple things on my 2013 list is coming to fruition (or at least in the process). I think achieving your goals (no matter how big or small) is the best fuel for going after all that you want to accomplish in life - no matter how crazy it seems!

If you're in need of some inspiration I suggest you watch How Bad Do You Want It - it gives some perfect food for thought on what it is you really want and how bad you really want it.