Miniature Cooking

I have no idea why watching someone cooking miniature items is so interesting, but there's something about being able to perfectly replicate the real life process in small form that's so satisfying.

I came across this channel recently and Walking With Giants uses actual food and doll size kitchenware to cook his food. He even created a mini turkey for Thanksgiving - WHAT?! 

RR Cherrypie is an OG in miniature cooking, using special Japanese candy kits that replicate different meals. His videos are especially relaxing and satisfying due to the lack of music and ASMR like sounds, along with his perfectionist crafting skills - you can see why he has tens of millions of views per video.

Miniature Food World

I came across these miniature clay food forms by Shay Aaron on Jeannie Jeannie's blog a while back. I was just blown away by his attention to such minute detail and how he has not gone blind creating these wonderful food forms - tinier than a penny! He has an Etsy shop with miniature food jewelry and sculptures you can buy and check out his Flickr for so much more of his works!

I stumbled upon this video on my friend's feed on Facebook. To say I am strangely fascinated in watching this person meticulously make a multitude of edible and inedible Japanese gummies/food models/keychains through a scientifc toy kit is an understatement. I don't know what is so captivating about it but I found myself spending the whole night watching their entire YouTube feed! Though, I am not the only one as they've had about 500,000 to 1,000,000+ hits on EACH video! If you were as captivated as I, click here to see much more.

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