I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For...


ICE CREAM (sandwiches and coffee)! I'm always up for little adventures, and what better way to test out my new camera then venture out to the windward side for an ice cream treat and coffee!

ChadLou's have THE most perfect nommies for your tummy! There are ice cream sandwiches, in which you choose from their in-house baked cookies and a range of unique ice creams (including Okinawan sweet potato!). My selection today was the chocolate chip cookies filled with "Hawaiian Mud Pie" ice cream. I washed it down with one their signature coffees - the Makapu'u Mocha - coconut, macadamia, mocha flavored coffee... ugh so yum!

images by me!

Tea Time


Working on a new project so little time to blog.

In the mean time, here's a snippet into one of what I consider a perfect time: sitting down with a cup of black tea with some yummy tea cookies I whipped up!

p.s. Hah! I just realized the "M" on my cup is printed reversed... woops!

image taken by me via instagram

Grilled Cheese with Baked Oregano Fries & Homemade Ketchup


Dinner for tonight! I used this recipe for the fries and homemade ketchup. Usually I'm a little skeptical about baked fries but these were pretty darn good along with the homemade ketchup - beats store bought any day! For the grilled cheese I used Swiss (my fave!) and some left over french bread I had. I also dipped it in the homemade ketchup which made a nice sauce to go with it!

image taken by me via instagram

Fried Egg over Polenta with Herb Pesto


As you can see by two foodie posts in a row - I'm in a cooking frenzy! Made using this recipe with a couple modifications. I'm not an olive freak so I omitted it from the pesto and have not yet mastered the art of poaching so fried egg it was! It was still delicious sans olives but I would suggest upping the salt content a little to make up for it! 

image taken by me

Garnet Pilaf


In keeping with watching my budget - I thought it best to start cooking at home again a little more. For lunch, I cooked this Garnet Pilaf recipe by Sprouted Kitchen. Let me just say it is deee-lish! Roasted sweet potato with smoked paprika on a bed of rice/quinoa pilaf sprinkled with chives. Not only are her recipes divine, her images (taken by her husband) are just as gorgeous and inticing!

image via Sprouted Kitchen