Michael Velliquette

I love the internet and how you can stumble upon such beautiful work, where you were originally looking at something else completely different!

These gorgeous hand sculpted cut paper works are by an American artist, Michael Velliquette. I love that he uses everyday materials and turns them into spectacular pieces as he says here

I tend to work with materials and tools that are available to most hands - paper, scissors, paint, glue - and which are then transformed into spectacles of the handmade.

See much more of his work here.

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Andy Singleton

Paper artists never cease to amaze me with their creative and detail oriented sculptures and paper cuts - Andy Singleton is no exception. Brought to my attention through NotCot for his commisioned work by Hermes I had a look around his Flickr and found a multitude of gorgeous work. Above is a very select few from his portfolio site showcasing his talents and difficult to choose a limited amount. See much more of his incredibly detailed work here.

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