Weekend Playlist 🎧 🎶

My job has been non-stop busy lately. The upside to that is I get to listen to a lot of music while I work. So I thought I’d share some things that have been in my playlist rotation recently. I discovered a new-to-me artist, Sevdaliza through those random YouTube recommendations. I’m glad I clicked through because, wow - just love everything about her vibe, aesthetics and of course, sound. Her music has a kind of haunting quality to it with certain beats that gave me tingles when I listened to it through my headphones. Below, are some of my favorites so far. If you like her style, I suggest FKA Twigs as she was burning up my playlist for the past couple years and am so glad to have found similar music.

Now for a TV and music recommendation in one - 3 words, Big Little Lies. At first, I was apprehensive about watching as I heard about some of the grim and difficult to watch storylines but I kept hearing so many great things so I gave in. I binge watched this show in a couple days, I was riveted to say the least. The acting, storylines, and cinematography were outstanding. The characters showed human elements in their flaws, which allowed you to connect with them. This is definitely not light fair, but it left a significant impact and will have you thinking about it after it’s over.

Here is the trailer, but don’t base it off of that as it is so much more.

While watching the show, I fell in love with how a lot of the music was so carefully crafted to help tell the story in the most poignant scenes. It was a fantastic mix of classic and modern, I immediately had to go on Spotify and find the soundtrack.

Here’s some of my personal highlights from it:

What are some of your favorites to listen to at the moment? Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Miniature Cooking

I have no idea why watching someone cooking miniature items is so interesting, but there's something about being able to perfectly replicate the real life process in small form that's so satisfying.

I came across this channel recently and Walking With Giants uses actual food and doll size kitchenware to cook his food. He even created a mini turkey for Thanksgiving - WHAT?! 

RR Cherrypie is an OG in miniature cooking, using special Japanese candy kits that replicate different meals. His videos are especially relaxing and satisfying due to the lack of music and ASMR like sounds, along with his perfectionist crafting skills - you can see why he has tens of millions of views per video.

Visual Music

My taste in music runs the gamut depending on my mood - from old school gangster hip hop, to metal, to ethereal ambient sounds and pretty much everything in between. Lately, my play button has been worn out by music of the electronic persuasion. 

One insomnia fueled night, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of suggested videos, and it ended in discovering arresting (new to me) electronic/indie artists both musically and visually. 

First up is Lorn, an American electronic musician who initially signed with the label that represented Flying Lotus. Talk about being in good company! I like the juxtaposition of aggressive dance moves coupled with the quite haunting track, which I guess goes well with the theme of the car accident. This video also had a bit of critical acclaim to it, winning the UK MVA award for Best Dance Video.

On the suggested list on the side of the previous video, I happened upon this band, Concorde. They are a "indie post punk pop" band hailing from Paris. The visuals actually lured me in first and I was so distracted by the great storytelling like many in the comments stated below, that I didn't really hear the music the first time around. 

From a great monochrome animation to another great monochrome animation, this time, it's from Rone, a French electronic artist. Here's where the music syncs perfectly with its visuals, to me I interpret it as the basis from where all religions sprang to the Big Bang and beyond. What do you think it means?

{THE AND} | The Skin Deep

Another video post, but another gem I couldn't wait to share. Like yesterday, I was browsing and just happened to click on these set of videos - where people in a relationship, whether family or romantic, or even strangers confront each other with questions that are more than skin deep. The rawness and reality is heart wrenching and inspiring. I've never come across something that allows such an intimacy for us as a viewer, getting a voyeuristic look into what makes people tick. 

I sometimes roll my eyes at this sort of set up as it's now commonplace of having a couple ask each other questions about each other, but the ability for some of the candidates to be brutally honest without taking it personally is something I aspire to.

This particular one above is between a daughter and her formerly incarcerated father. It is incredibly touching and you can see how much they've both grown from the situation, without even knowing any backstory to begin with through their strength and maturity. 

via The Skin Deep

This is High School

Going through my YouTube binge, this show - "This is High School" came across my recommended and something compelled me to click. Now, I have to confess in this day and age of technology I rarely sit through a full video/movie/tv show without checking my phone or computer at least once. That is, unless there is great storytelling involved. 

This is an actual reality show (a.k.a. non-scripted as far as I can tell) based in a Canadian High School, that highlights a group of teachers and students each episode. The 44 minute run time flew by and by the end I was clapping like a seal and rooting for the underdog. I recommend you check it out, the first five episodes of six are available to watch for free on YouTube here.

System of a Sponge!

I believe everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences. I was home on Sunday, sorting out the mess that was my iTunes (I know, thrilling - but it was actually raining in LA so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to cross it off my To Do list). As I was culling down my music to only songs that I wouldn't skip, I went on a trip down memory lane - how I felt and what was going on at the time when those songs were on repeat. It was like going through a photo album of emotions.

One of the albums I had on my iTunes was Toxicity by System of a Down, as a teenager I pretty much wore out that CD. Imagine my delight as I come across this mash up by YouTuber Tocen, of System of a Down's Chop Suey with a perfectly synced Spongebob Squarepants overlay. My two teenage favorites in one! Is this the universe telling me I should go back to being a teenager again?!

Makers: Women Who Make America

I usually try to stay away from preaching my views/opinions on someone because I believe they have to be open to receiving it in order for it to have any effect on them. 

However, I began watching this documentary by Makers about "Women Who Make America" - it is an interesting and educational watch that I think is important for both men and women to see. It is more fact based and shows both sides of those for and against women's liberation and the reasons behind them. As a woman born in the last few decades, and watching this - I realized I only knew a sliver of what made up women's history and how truly lucky and grateful I am to be born in this era. It also shows how far we still have to come as a society, as I still see similar prejudices that were happening then as well.

I'm up to Part 3 so I still have one more to go but I had to share! Also check out the Makers website for more inspirational interviews with groundbreaking women!

Now, for a shameless plug (it is my blog :P), you can find some great inspirational quote poster prints by women from Anais Nin to Marilyn Monroe in my Etsy Shop!

Documentary viaMakers

This is Love

I love how music can transform a mood in an instant. This piece, (which I've been playing on repeat) by Atticus Ross - says my feelings about it all in the title, "This is Love".